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Diversity Visa Lottery
For those interested to participate in the USA DV-2011, the program is now open either you or your relative that is interested can go online put your information directly on the USA immigration website and a valid photo. We have lots of folks including Tanzanians coming to the USA using this method, its free, and easy just follow the instruction. The deadline is 30th Nov 2009 12:00PM and the website is Past this information to others who might be interested.

Mini Bible College
Welcome to the new Mini Bible College website. You will find easier methods for downloading Audio Lessons and Study Booklets on this website. We've added many study aids such as linking to free online Bible resources that are used in Mini Bible College lessons, and better connection between Audio and Booklets with links to their accompanying resources. Another great new feature is My MBC, which provides an easy way for anyone to complete an online Bible Study using the Mini Bible College. We will continue to improve the website and your feedback is definitely appreciated. You can write to as by clicking on Get Involved, then
Contact Us. We are also continuing in translation of the Mini Bible College material, and update this website with new programs as they become available. To support this translation process, click here.

Africa For Jesus
Network of Africans mobilized and networked to pray for African countries regularly and consistently. Every July they go to one African country for prayer and every November there is an intercessory meeting in Washington DC to pray and help for the needy for Africa. Please join this team and get involved for the glory of God. For more information
click here or contact 301-608-0008 ask for Dr. Mordy Kyungu

Sermon Central
Free sermons, illustrations and outlines to assist you in bible teaching and preaching, more than 140,000 free sermons, drama and powerpoints and six thousand  contributors around the world to equip churches and leaders to prepare and deliver biblical and Christ Centered sermons.

Resources of Christian Teachers
Resources to help you with your kids in Christian literature, bible lessons, games and many other resources.









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